About Us

Colorado Chapter History

The Colorado Chapter of AG Bell was founded in 1993 by a group of parents and professionals who were passionate about raising awareness for and promoting listening and spoken language options for the deaf and hard of hearing community in Colorado. Founding members of the Chapter were: LaFawn Biddle, Dusty Biddle, Ken Klaus, Jill Bader, Barbie Galoob, Judy Gorman, Mary Zuercher, and Mary Mosher-Stathes.
The Colorado Chapter of AG Bell is one of 30 active state chapters incorporated with the national AG Bell organization, which was created over 125 years ago.  Click here find out more about AG Bell National.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Tara Bauman – President

Tara Bauman, Au.D., CCC-A  is a Clinical Audiologist in the Denver Metro Area.  She joined the Board of Directors in 2013 and started her term as President of the Colorado Chapter in January 2016.  Through her work on the Board, she enjoys cultivating new relationships and sharing the positive impacts the Colorado Chapter and AG Bell National make in the lives of people who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Vacant – Vice President

Ally Bleidt – Treasurer

Ally, an adult with a hearing loss who uses hearing aids and works as a project manager, joined the Colorado AG Bell Board of Directors in 2010.  She enjoys helping families who experience hearing loss have access to the support and resources they need.

Allison Armitage – Secretary

Allison is a speech language pathologist who works with the pediatric population at Children’s Hospital of Colorado. She is a member of Children’s Hospital Colorado’s deaf and hard of hearing team, as well as their cochlear implant team. Allison joined CO AG Bell because she is passionate about learning language through listening and helping families achieve their communication goals.

Erika King – Historian

Erika is a speech-language pathologist and listening and spoken language specialist. For the past decade she has supported families who have children with hearing loss. Erika served on the cochlear implant team at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital prior to moving to Colorado in 2015. She currently has a private practice and is a provider for the Listen Foundation and CHIP (Colorado Home Intervention Project). Erika is passionate about supporting families in their pursuit of listening and spoken language.

Heather Macerinskas – Historian

Heather is a mother to a daughter who wears bilateral cochlear implants.  Her daughter was diagnosed with a mild/moderate hearing loss at the age of 3 and her hearing loss progressed to severe/profound in 1 year.  Heather loves being a part of the hearing loss community.  She joined the CO AG Bell Board to help grow her support system for her daughter as well as help others on the same journey.  She is also on the Peer Support Team for MED-EL.

Marti Bleidt – Immediate Past President

Marti has been a member of the Colorado AG Bell board for nearly 10 years and was Board President from 2013-2015. She is the mother of an adult daughter who uses hearing aids and a foster daughter who is in high school and uses bilateral cochlear implants. In her professional life, Marti is a teacher of deaf/hard of hearing for Denver Public Schools and also a CHIP facilitator. She very much enjoys being active in helping families and children with hearing loss pursue their dreams and hopes.

Stacey Cohen McNulty – Member at Large

Stacey E. Cohen is an audiologist at the Denver Ear Associates. She is passionate about helping those with hearing loss by enhancing their communication abilities. Stacey has is honored to be on the Board of CO AG Bell to support spoken language outcomes for children and adults with hearing loss.

Todd Hallberg – Member at Large

Todd is a proud father of two young men.  His youngest son, Derian, has a profound hearing loss and utilizes cochlear implants to hear.  His oldest son, Tyler, has a unilateral hearing loss and benefits from the use of a hearing aid. Todd has a true passion helping those who are deaf and hard of hearing.  He was a member of a grassroots effort to obtain hearing aid coverage for children in the state of Colorado.  He has shared his family’s story at the local and national levels educating about hearing loss and importance of Listening and Spoken Language Therapy.

Emma Kagel – Member at Large

Emma is a bilateral cochlear implant recipient.  She received her first cochlear implant as part of the original FDA study in the 1990’s to have cochlear implants approved in the USA.  She grew up as an active member in the Connecticut Chapter of Bell with her parents.  Emma is a mother to a typically hearing son and bioethicist in the healthcare sector.

Jenn Reed – Member at Large

Jenn is a wife and mother of 2 boys.  Both her husband and eldest son have hearing loss; she also has a brother with hearing loss.  Jenn’s son recently received his first cochlear implant on his left ear and wears a hearing aid on his right ear.  She joined the Colorado AG Bell Board of Directors to help others families along their hearing loss journey.

Cathy Scruggs – Member at Large

As congenitally deaf adult who uses cochlear implants, Cathy is passionate about being part of our local community to raise awareness to help deaf children with listening and spoken language.

Hannah Bosisio – Intern

Hannah is a junior at the University of Denver where she is studying business marketing, hospitality management, and business analytics.  She is a member of the Delta Zeta Rho Sorority, where she is Vice President-Elect of Philanthropy.  Hannah was diagnosed with hearing loss as a child and is excited to help CO AG Bell grow and support the Colorado deaf and hard of hearing community.

Past Presidents

  • Ken Klaus 1993-1994
  • Sharon Thompson 1994-1995
  • Anne Beiter 1995-1996
  • Mike Bruha 1996-1997
  • Judy Gorman/Mary Mosher-Stathes 1998-1999
  • Mary Bartholomew 2000-2002
  • Carolyn Wolfrum 2003-2004
  • Angela Wieker 2005-2006
  • Regina Squibs 2007-2009
  • Sheryl Muir 2010-2011
  • Rob Frantum-Allen 2012
  • Marti Bleidt 2013-2015